Bleu Cheese (1 lb)

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This crumbly, blue-veined, traditional Bleu we carry at Decatur Dairy has the best flavor whether on a burger or salad!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

3 reviews for Bleu Cheese (1 lb)

  1. Tim Erdman

    More often than not I’m disapointed with Bleu Cheese I bring home from the grocery store. Usually they’re crumbly and have no flavor. This one from the Decator Dairy store however is the real deal, nice and creamy with the spicy Bleu Cheese bite you expect. A great cheese at a great price. Get some, you’ll be happy.

  2. Barbara

    Excellent with fruit or in a salad
    This cheese is creamy, great flavored and goes very well with fruit or in a salad. Very good, highly recommended.

  3. Maikel

    I tried one… and now I am addicted
    I went to Wisconsin on July, and my brother-in-law took me to Decatur Dairy… I bought different types of cheese there to take to Miami, but this one was the best, this Bleu Cheese is delicious, the texture, and the savor is exquisite…. I highly recommend this cheese… all my friends and family agree with me… this Bleu Cheese is the best Bleu Cheese we had tasted ever!

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