Decatur Dairy’s award winning cheese is Wisconsin Cheese at its finest.

We’re so proud, we’d love to tell you all about them. But we’ll just let the awards speak for themselves.


1st Place | World Contest 2008

Decatur’s World Champion mild, savory muenster is a sandwich favorite or all by itself!


Grand Champion | Cheese Days 2012, 2010 & 2008

Decatur’s smooth and supple buttery European cheese. Steve went all the way to Denmark to craft this cheese!

Dill Havarti

2nd place | 2014 World Cheese Contest

Decatur Dill Havarti will add a gourmet touch to your table.

Flavored Havarti

3rd Place | U.S. Contest 2009

Decatur’s Herb Havarti adds Italian flair to the traditional flavor Havarti.

Pepper Havarti

1st Place | 2013 US Cheese Contest

Decatur’s Pepper Havarti is perfect with any Mexican or Southwestern cuisine.


1st Place | Green County Fair 2009

Decatur’s Own style of Brick Cheese won best of class in 2008! A mild, smooth, semi-soft cheese.