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I have a standing order from my wife that whenever I get to the Brodhead area, I have to stop here for cheese. My favorite thing since I was a kid was the cheese curds, especially if they have just been made! Prices are good as is the quality of the cheese. Better quality cheese than at your local supermarket and less expensive as well.

John M. | Streamwood, IL

Tarnation but this here is a fabulous cheesy shoppe! From smooth, melt-in-your-mouth and fire-fire-on-your-tongue Horseradish Havarti to mild onion and garlic infused Brick. It is really all incredibly good and economical too. You can buy fresh cream and also butter for 2 bux a lb. Just a little storefront retail at the front of the Dairy off of county Road F.

Iris H. | Chicago, IL

If you need great cheese at a great price, then Decatur Dairy is the place. If you are from Wisconsin, then you need cheese. The prices are better than you will find anywhere. They make most of the cheese you can buy at the little store in front of the cheese factory. It is well worth the drive from just about anywhere.

Mark B. | Oregon, WI